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IDFC Ltd. Overview Agreement by Pro Axia Consultants


Article 1 (Terms and Conditions)

IDFC Co., Ltd. (hereinafter the "Company"), for the Company to provide "IDFC members site" (hereinafter the "Service"), (then referred to as "member") customers to use this service is the Service upon using the, you established the following street Terms and Conditions (hereinafter the "Terms").

Article 2 (Change of Terms)

The Company, when the change of this Agreement is determined to be necessary and what can change of this Agreement without the member's consent. It should be noted that, in this case, terms and conditions for the use of this service will be based on this agreement after the change. Changes to the Terms will make an announcement to the member online, from the point at which we have published, and shall cause the Terms of efficacy after the change.

Article 3 (subscription)

1.According to the method in which we set forth, we shall make an application for membership of the Service. Member, it is assumed by the Company at the time of the consent to become a member, it has agreed to the contents of this Membership Agreement. Member, to the extent necessary for the Company and its affiliated companies to provide this service, you agree to use to get the registration information.

2.It shall be able to reject the membership registration of the registration applicant. We are, if you deny the membership registration, does not disclose the reason.

3.Member, if there is a change in the self of the registration information, and shall be the contact of promptly said changed matters.

4.If the member falls under any of the following items, the Company shall be able to be the use of this service temporarily stopped without prior notification to the member, or the withdrawal disposal.

(1)If false to all or part of the registration information provided to us, important mistake, omission has been found

(2)If you interfere with the operations of the Company and the Service

(3)Whether it is anti-social forces, or associated with such force, or if there is a relationship in the past

(4)Violation of law, crime or, if you have a certain of these risk act, or you suspect that you are involved in the criminal case, if there is a risk that our credit is harmed by continuing the Terms

(5)Other, if the Company has determined to be inappropriate as a member

Article 4 (members of withdrawal)

Members, to end the use of the service by the method specified by the company. Offer of membership of the withdrawal will be up to and including 3 months ago.

Article 5 (management responsibility of the user name, password)

Use of user name and password, management shall be carried out in self-responsibility of the member. Liability for damages caused by the use of a user name and password, it is assumed that members owe, we will not assume any responsibility. Members, lost password, theft, if you discover the fact that there is a fact of use by a third party, or fear that, immediately and shall be notified to that effect to the Company.

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Pro Axia Consulting: The Core Systems Company Policy

Pro Axia Consulting: The Core Systems Company Policy

We, customer satisfaction, a relationship of trust with our customers to first we will provide service. We will seek a company that able to permanently development with customers. We will create a rewarding company employees with each other and cooperate with each other.


CEO message


Core Systems Japan received access to the Corporation's website, Thank you.


The aim of our opinion, the complexity of the ERP system, which many customers have become your global standard, with the help of user-friendly and up-to-date of application, there be to help you optimize your business processes You.


Operating and maintenance personnel, in-house ERP system, via the cloud, at anytime, from anywhere, you can access to meet the need. In addition to the complex business processes, 75,000 user customers from mid-sized with many branches and subsidiaries to large enterprises have been available in all the world. With that you use the Watakushi conducted our products, your business processes are simple, it is because can be performed more efficiently. The future, we will do our all employees committed to allow us as promised to the customer, or the provision of services to bring more added value. Further understanding in the future, thank you look forward to your support.


By: Core Systems Japan Co., Ltd. President and CEO Yoshihiko Maeda


Corporate History


February 2013 - Company formation ( Proaxia Consulting group ag, Inc. and coresystems ag company and exclusive distributor agreement )